Monday, September 23, 2013


Regular readers know that our cat Smokey, aka the Terrible Tiger, is prone to severe cabin fever in the winter months. He prowls and yowls, bangs cupboard doors, tries to scale walls to get spiders, and attacks any limbs sticking out from under the blankets. I have long theorized the solution is another wild and crazy Terrible Tiger to play with.

Enter Mercy, a tiny, mischievous, ultra-playful Siamese-cross kitten. Smokey has yet to buy into my premise that she’s good for him (perhaps he sees her as a threat to his spoiledness), but I’m sure he’ll come around to my way of thinking! After all, we all need mercy!


“…God…delights in mercy and loving-kindness.” –MICAH 7:18b (AMP)

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