Saturday, August 17, 2013

Liberty for All

Now that Blueberry and Meels are back at the ranch, their kids have settled happily into their new routine. Their favorite time of the day is evening because that’s when the herd is let out of the big pen and allowed to wander about the barnyard to graze and see the sights. The kids like to explore new places, whiletheir mamas like to browse on fresh weeds, green grass in the lawn, and weeping golden willow branches.

Ever full of vim and vinegar—as much as all six of the others combined—little Jubilee  loves having even more playthings to jump on (a big tractor tire is one of her favorites) and more excuses to race and romp (the dog, horse, and cows might be watching). I must have been prophetic when I named her!

Jubilee takes a brief rest

“When the 50th year arrives, sanctify it and declare liberty throughout the land for all who live there—dramatic, radical liberty for all. It is to be your jubilee year.” –LEVITICUS 25:10 (VOICE)

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