Friday, June 14, 2013

Believe It or Not

Among the many people, animals, and things I’ve been grieving since I left the ranch are my many flowers. Sometimes when I pass a bed of colorful blossoms and roses which remind me of my own, my stomach hurts. Nevertheless, I’ve found solace in weeding flowerbeds where I’m staying as well as in seeing the abundance of wildflowers growing nearly everywhere I go.

On one of my lowest days, when the horizon of my future seemed so dark and all hope seemed lost, I actually saw a crimson rose blooming at, of all places, a highway rest area—near the Women’s door!

Sainfoin growing on roadside

“Hope appears even in the worst of times to give us proof of God’s presence.” Nick Vujicik, LIMITLESS, DEVOTIONS FOR A RIDICULOUSLY GOOD LIFE

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