Wednesday, December 5, 2012

There, Somewhere

“Are you ready for Christmas?” a friend asked the other day.

Ready? I haven’t even put a tree up yet, or even picked one out. Sometimes we get a Forest Service permit, go to the mountains, and ski or snowshoe until we find just the perfect one. Nothing could be more fun; however, it pains my arborist’s heart to cut down a living tree. I’d be happy with an artificial one, but Hubby snubs them. I think a compromise might to buy one of the tree-farm firs at the hardware store; after all, it’s already given its life for the cause!

But first I need to find my lights. Twice I’ve climbed down and crawled into the crawl space under the house, where my decorations are stored, and searched every tub. No lights! Maybe I forgot to put them in the tubs last year and so stashed the lights somewhere else. But, where is somewhere?

In my search, I found a cache of beeswax candles that I’d lost. They’d make a nostalgic alternative to electric lights that would fit right in with my rustic decor, but I don’t want to risk a forest fire.

Speaking of candles and flames: a sweet, candle-faced heifer named Flame lights up our lives every day. May she do the same for you today!

“The light shines through the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.” –JOHN 1:5



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