Saturday, December 1, 2012

Meels' Big Day

Meels went on a blind date this morning! He’s a handsome but stinky little dude named Cowboy, who was chosen partially for his outstanding dairy genetics but mostly for his dreamy blue eyes.

I was Meels' chaperone on this driveway rendezvous. She didn’t seem to mind Cowboy’s attentions but stayed close to me as if she was a bit bewildered. It took longer to get her out of the truck than it did to get her—how shall I say this delicately—with kid. Actually, Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats usually have twins or triplets, so I should say with kids.

When a doe is in heat, she’s paces restlessly and makes a lot of racket, looking for and calling in suitors, I suppose. But ever since I brought her home from her date, Meels has been quiet, even napping, although she should still be in heat. Could it be that she knows that now she’s what every doe was born to be, a mama?

 A mug of Cowboy when younger that shows his marvelous eyes. See more details and photos at Click on The Stinkers and scroll down.
“Day after day I was there, with my joyful applause, always enjoying His company, delighted with the world of things and creatures, happily celebrating the human family.” –PROVERBS 8:30-31

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