Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dare You Not to Smile

Blueberry’s temperature came down another degree today to nearly normal! It had risen a bit by evening, perhaps because today was so hot that even the cement-walled barn lost its coolness. Her appetite is better than ever, and she appears to be gaining weight.

Despite Blueberry’s illness, she’s still giving plenty of milk. The kids are growing like weeds, especially Jack, who appears to eat twice as much as Jubilee does. Jack’s all-dairy, high-butterfat (6-9%) diet gives him lots of energy. Sorry, but all my pictures of Jack are a blur.  My camera’s “Action” setting is no match for his rapid-fire bounds and bounces!

Jubilee is quick and agile too, and she loves to tap-dance on the cardboard “stage”. She’s become quite the lap pet, climbing into our lap or arms anytime that we kneel or sit. I can’t imagine any creature more endearing than Jubilee.

“Faith’s only function is to receive what grace offers.” –John Stott

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