Thursday, July 25, 2013

Better Them than Me

Rodeo is one of my favorite sports—spectator sports, that is. Even though rodeo involves horses and cattle, I’ve never had near enough nerve or athleticism required to compete in the sport, even in my youth.

In fact, I go out of my way to avoid any semblance of rodeo. Disposition is a major consideration when purchasing stock. Mean cows and ornery bulls are sent to town (the sale barn). A frisky horse is lunged before she’s ridden to get the spunk out of her. Adrenaline junky, I’m not!

Eight long seconds, bull riding

Dicey third turn, barrel racing
Ejecting from flight deck, saddle bronc

“It is good that one should hope in and wait quietly for the salvation (the safety and ease) of the Lord.” –LAMENTATIONS 3:26 (AMP)

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