Thursday, January 24, 2013


Please welcome a guest blogger, my sister Jenny, as she tells how the newest addition to the family, a West Highland terrier named Olive, has managed to capture her heart.

When we first got Olive and would tell people we got a puppy, the first thing they’d ask is what kind. Sometimes I was embarrassed because some thought she was a little poofy dog. I knew better because Westies are rough and tough, but most people don't even know what they are. A few times I mentioned wanting to get a real dog like a lab or golden retriever someday when Rilee [Jenny’s older golden] goes. Brian always teases me that I love Olive even though she's not a real dog.

The girls want Olive to be groomed all fancy and wear sweaters. They give her baths, but I like her scruffy and natural. When she went to the groomer she came back all white and poofy, reeking of perfume for days. She didn't look like the little brat that digs holes in the yard, chews shoes and electrical cords, and barks at the neighbors and their cats. She loves to wrestle with Brian, jump on top of him, even sleep on him like a cat. She’ll play with her toys by herself, but her favorite thing is stealing Rilee's tennis balls and teasing her with them.

Every morning before he goes to work, Brian splits a stick of string cheese with all three dogs. He taught Olive how to dance, which she does as soon as the cheese is opened, spinning in two circles and then jumping on her back legs. It's really cute, I have to admit. I even broke down and bought her the Christmas sweater in the picture.

“You've captured my heart, dear friend.” –SONG OF SOLOMON 4:9

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