Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Not Inconceivable

If you read last Saturday’s “Perplexed”, you know that I suspected that my goaties might not be expecting kids after all. Enter Lolli, a lame but handsome Nigerian Dwarf buck and living pregnancy-insurance policy.

Even though Nigerian bucks are much more docile than bucks of other breeds, we didn’t want one around because bucks stink. Trust me, Lolli is no exception! After his arrival on Sunday, the horses and cat kept sniffing the air with a curious-but-cautious look on their faces that said, What kind of beast reeks like that? When I first open the barn door in the morning, I pull my gator over my nose and try not to inhale until I can get the big door open too.

Despite the stench, Lolli is very sweet and intelligent. He picked up on the morning barn-to-pen march (and evening switch-up) like he’d done it his whole life. Although Hubby grew up with a recalcitrant billy which his dad used to keep traveling salesmen away, Hubby can’t help but like Lolli.

At first, Blueberry and Meels didn’t. They ran from Lolli whenever he approached. Yesterday, they still kept their distance but showed off by skittering past him with wiggling tails or head-butting each other. Today, Meels is avoiding Lolli like he has the plague, but Blueberry, while still wary, seems a bit flirtatious.

Goat colors are described in different terms than horse colors. I’m much more familiar with the latter, so I describe Blueberry as a blue roan-buckskin and Lolli as a strawberry roan-paint. So it’s not inconceivable that a mating between the two could result in some little cuties named Strawberry and Patch!

God said to them, "I've never quit loving you and never will. Expect love, love, and more love!”    –JEREMIAH 31:3

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