Thursday, October 11, 2012


We’ve had dogs that tolerated cats and vice-versa, but Bodie and Smokey are the first to be canine-feline buddies. Actually, “partners in crime” would be a better term. They know that two of them begging a dog biscuit at the same time is so cute as to be irresistible.

When Smokey wants to go outside when it’s dark, he won’t go unless Bodie accompanies him as a bodyguard. He knows that if the dog doesn’t smell and chase a coyote or other enemy, then it’s safe for him to venture into the dark. If we know that there’s a coyote or owl about, or if the weather is too bad, we won’t let Smokey out when he mews at the door. Smokey never fails to go to Bodie, rub on him, and recruit him to pressure us to let them both out.

If one of Smokey’s evil triplets (the Terrible Tiger or, worse, the Evil Moriarty) makes an appearance, however, then Bodie will keep his distance. If provoked, he’ll even respond with a snarl and snap of the teeth. Bodie would normally be reproved for such a crime, but we understand that it’s strictly in self-defense.

Yesterday morning, Bodie and I went for a run. We were almost home when we were ambushed by the Terrible Tiger, who then proceeded to race Bodie back to the house. Bodie won but there were no hard feelings, and they rubbed noses before going inside.

Bodie and Smokey.

“God…never turns away from His friends….” –PSALM 37:28

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