Monday, November 4, 2013

Sheep Mountain Mustangs

I’d never seen them, but I’d heard about the few wild horses that range the sagebrush desert west of Sheep Mountain and east of Highway 310, which runs northward from Greybull to Lovell. Hubby has done some work out in that country and told of seeing a stallion, mares, and colts. They differ from other bands seen at the McCullough Peaks Management Area towards Cody in that they’re mostly black and much more skittish at the sight of humans.

I’ve driven Highway 310 dozens, if not hundreds, of times without seeing those horses, so I was surprised and delighted to catch a glimpse of seven of them as they sped past us a few days ago. We had no camera, only a phone with no zoom, but were blessed to record the enchanted moment nonetheless.  

Two fillies gallop after a mare; all were black with Appaloosa markings

“I stood there saved—surprised to be loved!”2 SAMUEL 22:20 (MSG)

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