Thursday, November 21, 2013

Going My Way?

Moey has flourished so much these past few months that I sometimes forget how tiny and timid she used to be. She’s almost as tall as her sister Minnie, and every bit as confident, plump, and playful. Gone are the days when she wanted to be carried everywhere instead of running, skipping, and kicking her heels—or so I thought.

The latest storm left just 3 inches of snow, but Moey thought it was 3 inches too much. The other goats were glad to get out of the barn this afternoon, but Moey detested the feel of the cold, wet powder on her feet. She parked herself in a patch of bare dirt in the lee of some tractor tires, where she loudly submitted a barrage of I-hate-snow-please-carry-me requests!

“Save Your people and bless Your heritage; nourish and shepherd them and carry them forever.” –PSALM 28:9 (AMP)

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