Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Herding the Wind

A group of wind generators is called a wind farm, but I’ve taken the liberty of renaming this one in Shirley Basin: wind ranch.

Just look at the iconic Wyoming ranch scene below: sagebrush, gnarled cedar posts, barbed wire fence, wide expanse of grassland, distant mountain range, no trees. In my travels down the highway past this place, I’ve seen herds of cattle grazing beneath the wind gens, but I’ve never seen a single row of corn, wheat, barley, sugar beets, or any typical Wyoming crop. Looks like a ranch to me.

When I drove past yesterday, the wind was gusting hard enough to require a firm grip by both hands on the steering wheel. I didn’t see any cows and could only assume that they had blown away.

“…He was seen upon the wings of the wind.” –2 SAMUEL 22:11 (AMP)

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