Thursday, November 28, 2013


Today was Thanksgiving for us. Coincidentally, it was also our cows’ favorite day of the year: the day they’re turned out from the small pasture onto the large hayfields. We humans stuffed ourselves with a big spread, but I think the cows and heifers feasted even more!

I'd told Princess earlier what day it was. As usual, she either understood my English or read my mind because she was the first one out of the gate.
Not surprisingly, Dazzle paused to mug for the camera. She and her mama Cupcake seem to know how photogenic they are and almost always stop what they're doing to pose right in front of me.

 As Sundae and Bubbles jogged past, Sugar watched enviously in the background. The horses did get turned out later in the day but exhibited a great deal more exuberance. They may still be running now!

“Oh, thank God—he’s so good…All of you set free by God, tell the world!” –PSALM 107:1-2 (MSG)

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