Saturday, October 26, 2013

Comfort Foods

The clamor from the corrals and pasture has subsided somewhat, but the noises are decidedly weird! The heffies have nearly lost their voices from calling their mamas. When they open their mouths to bawl, only piglet-like squeaks and squeals come forth. Poor Liza sounds just like a bull elk in rut. Hope she doesn't call in any elk or hunters!

Annabelle decided that the best way to alleviate the emotional and physical strain of weaning Izzy was to crawl under the fence and visit her favorite eating spot, the back yard. Bluegrass, fescue, and clover must be comfort foods for cows because Annabelle seemed decidedly at ease, so much so that I let her stay there for an hour.

Annabelle's comfort

“Comfort, comfort My people, says your God.” –ISAIAH 40:1

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