Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bug Heaven

Although we woke to frost, the sun rallied and warmed the sharpness right out of the air. Four of us were working on a concrete-pouring project and were soon happily shedding our coats and sweatshirts.

I haven’t been seeing much of my bug neighbors lately, but with the gorgeous weather, the bees and other insects were out in droves. (Yesterday was somewhat warm, but the stiff winds would surely have blown many a bug into the next county.) 

Today wasn’t a good day to smell the roses, however. If you inhaled too deeply from any given blossom, you might breathe in one or two honeybees!

Butterfly, bee, and tiny spider (right of butterfly) in asters

Honeybee in Rainbow's End rosebush

“I live and breathe God….” –PSALM 34:2 (MSG)

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