Friday, May 24, 2013

The Fish Whisperer

Newlyweds Josh and Rachel have been living in a rental that prohibits pets. After a tough day, Josh was sitting in his chair and talking to the Lord about how much he wished he had a dog. If I had a dog, he thought, he’d be right beside me, and I’d be petting him.

Josh’s gaze wandered over to Pishy, their pet beta. I wonder if I could pet Pishy. He stuck a finger in the water. At first, Pishy was wary, but before long he began coming up to the top of the water to be petted. Now, Pishy eagerly responds to Josh’s voice, sometimes getting so keyed up he nearly jumps out of his glass. Josh brings Pishy’s glass with him around the house so the two can be together.

In a few weeks, Rachel and Josh are moving to a new house, one with a back yard. They’ve already picked out a beautiful dog from the animal shelter. I’m excited for them, but I wonder if Pishy will be jealous.

Click on the link below to see Josh petting Pishy.

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” –PSALM 23:1

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