Monday, May 13, 2013

Blossom Business

The snow is long gone except on the mountains, and as I write this, it’s 83°! In a matter of days, we’ve gone from white snow and silvery frost to emerald alfalfa, chartreuse cottonwood leaves, and brilliant yellow dandelions—by the zillion. The roses and flowers are weeks behind schedule, but the Nanking cherries and golden currants are putting on a good show. 

We’re watching the apple trees to see if they’ll blossom this year. I’m told that they should be old enough to start producing, but the recent cold snaps may have had something to say about that!

Cherry blossoms

Currant blossoms

“Thirsty deserts will be glad; barren lands will celebrate and blossom with flowers.” –ISAIAH 35:1 (CEV)

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