Thursday, May 1, 2014

Little Brown Cows

Hubby is a Black Angus groupie who for years operated on the assumption that if it wasn’t a Black Angus, it was just a cow. I acknowledged that Black Angus had many merits; however, their dispositions didn’t always allow for tranquility and wellbeing.

For years I lobbied for Hereford-Angus cross cows, called black baldies, and Hubby finally caved. We bought 13 black baldy heifers out of registered Herefords sired by registered Black Angus bulls. Although they soon won him over with their sweet personalities, designer faces, and excellent mothering, he still insisted that they be bred to a Black Angus bull.

The first calves came last year. Only two were baldies, but all were black, consistent with every reasonable genetic expectation.

This year’s calf crop was sired by a different registered Black Angus bull. (His registration papers supposedly proved, among other things, that everyone in his family tree was a Black Angus.) Certificate and black coat notwithstanding, the majority of his calves are some shade of brown.

I can only assume that either one of said bull’s ancestors was an anonymous, golden-brown philandering neighbor bull, perhaps of Gelbvieh origins. Or maybe this is some new genetic mutation, the humble beginnings of a whole new breed: the Brown Angus.

Either way, I couldn’t be more pleased. Monochromatic is dull!

Flame giving Rooster his evening bath

Marigold, the vainest brunette, appears to love to pose for the camera

Brownie, the smallest brunette

“Their God will save the day. He’ll rescue them.
    They’ll become like…gemstones in a crown,
    catching all the colors of the sun.” –ZECHARIAH 9:16 (MSG)

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