Thursday, December 5, 2013

More Coffee, Please

“Winter is not a season, it’s an occupation.” –Sinclair Lewis

Truer words could not be spoken for those of us who inhabit the interior and northern regions of the country—even more so if we’re caring for livestock.

When the snow piles up, or the mercury dips below 0° F, or the bitter winds blow—or all of the above—we have to ensure that our animals are safe, have access to shelter and water, and get the increased caloric consumption they need to stay warm and healthy. And we plan, prepare, and stockpile feed, but diesel engines, stock tank heaters, and even power sources can fail in storms and frigid temperatures and so require as much or more attention than the animals themselves.

But the reason that I’m yawning at only 6:58 pm has less to do with winter work than the fact that it’s been too cold (sub-zero and counting) for the cat to go outdoors for his midnight hunts. Instead, he and the kitten play noisy games of Tiger Tag, Safari, and ACW (American Cat Wresting) all night!

The horses were covered with frost this morning--but better-rested than us!

The sparrows are grateful for the bitter cold that keeps the cat indoors. Besides, they have the barn for shelter and the goats' molasses-covered grain for regular meals!

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