Monday, April 15, 2013

Last but Not Least

The last calf of the season is finally on terra firma! Winky’s calf may be the last but certainly isn’t the least—he weighs nearly 83 pounds, which is quite a bit for a heifer to handle. When Hubby first checked the calf, he found the hugest feet ever! So we got out the hot, soapy water and the calf puller and assisted Mother Nature. Fortunately, the little bull’s feet are just disproportionately large. His head and shoulders weren’t near the issue that we thought they were going to be when we first saw those giant hooves.

 Due to the calf’s long legs and position in the uterus, the tendons on his forelegs are contracted. I splinted them, though, so he can nurse and even hop about at will.

His main problem is getting any sleep. Winky’s got HFTMS (Hypervigilant, First-time Mama Syndrome) and is operating under the assumption that if her calf goes to sleep, he might never wake up again! While I was administering room service this afternoon, cleaning and re-bedding the barn, I watched her moo uneasily and vigorously lick him every time his poor little head drooped to the ground. I told her that both of them just needed to nap. I don’t know if I’m a cow whisperer or Winky just gave in to exhaustion, but she soon lay down beside him!

“For it is the one who is least among you all who is the greatest.” –LUKE 9:48b (NIV)

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