Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Big Little Brother

Because Shadow had such a rough start in life, nothing can make me prouder than watching him nurse by himself and cavort with his new brother out in the corral!

Daisy Mae brought our newest little guy, Big Red, into the world yesterday afternoon. Yes, he’s black, but if the light shines on him right, we can see the reddish stripes he inherited from his great grandma, Little Red. Red almost hit the ground running—right for his first meal! His avarice and aptitude for nursing, as well as his strength and vitality, are a blessing and relief, especially after all of Shadow’s recent struggles.

Nevertheless, I’ve noticed that those calves that badly needed our help aren’t wary of us like the others. They know that we love them. We love the others too, but they don’t know it yet!

Red, left, and Shadow

Shadow, right, showing off

“God takes the side of the helpless…” –PSALM 116:6 (MSG)

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