Friday, July 7, 2017

Farms: Great Places to Live, Unless You Like to Sleep at Night

Overheard in grocery checkout line:

Young mom with kids, buying eggs: “I’ve always wanted a farm. That’s my dream: to own a farm.”

Me, tempted to say: Lady, I bet you have no idea how hard you’d be working on that farm.

Checker: “Yeah, I grew up on a farm.”

Young mom: “And I’d love to have chickens. It would be so wonderful to wake up every day by the crowing of the roosters.”

Me, tempted to say: Ha! After a night of sleep interrupted by the caterwauling fox family, dogs chasing the fox family, and spouse calling the name of the cat who hopefully hasn’t become the midnight snack of the fox family, you’ll be ready to feed those ol’ early birds to the fox family. And don't get me started on cows and calves.

Me, carrying groceries to the truck: I definitely need to work on my attitude.  

A juvenile offender. 

Afternoon nappers, making up for lost nighttime REM.


"Every thought is a seed. If you plant crab apples, don't plan on harvesting Golden Delicious." ~Bill Meyer


  1. I actually giggled reading this! You and I have talked about this numerous times. I wish I would have been there lol