Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Burglars

Liza was the first calf born last year. Her mama, Flame, was kind enough to share Liza’s milk with another calf whose mama didn’t give much. Although Liza grew out fine, she never had quite the bloom that the other heifers did.

All winter long, Liza and the youngest, Glory, have been supplementing their alfalfa pasture with hay from the goats’ bale. The two heifers seem oblivious to the electric fence and just calmly waltz through the wire as if covered with thick rubber, not skin and hair.

Hubby and I haven’t contacted the authorities about our two burglars that break and enter every day. The extra nourishment has served Liza and Glory well—they’re as big and plump as the others now—and besides, we rather enjoy their company!

Burglar #1, aka Liza

Burglar #2, aka Glory

“In God is my salvation and my glory….” –PSALM 62:7 (NKJV)

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