Tuesday, February 12, 2013


“Our Father in heaven….”

This week’s homework assignment from our pastor was to ponder and respond to this phrase, found in Matthew 6:9. This is what I wrote in my prayer journal.

Father, You’re not just in heaven—You are heaven. Heaven is heaven because You are there. If You showed up here, right now, this little ranch would be instantly transformed.

Your glory would beautify every ugliness. There would be no dust on the television or stains on our old T-shirts. There would be no mud on our shoes and carpet, no manure in the corral and pasture. The dirty snow and slippery ice would disappear. Every blade of grass, every tree and shrub, every flower would spring to life, green up, and blossom—except for the weeds. We could search high and low but not find a single kochia, curly dock, or Russian thistle. The bees and butterflies would come back, and the larks, robins, and sparrows would sing again.

Your truth would expose every lie and vanquish every pretense. Your justice would make every wrong right and more than compensate for every word or act of contempt given or received. Your mercy would sweeten every bitter memory, and your grace would redeem every shattered dream.

Your love would banish all fear, shame, anger, and sorrow. Every scar on every heart would be healed. Every hole in every soul would be filled. Every infirmity of man and beast would be made whole. No human, cow, horse, or goat would ever limp or gimp again. It wouldn’t even surprise me if Jessie, Peaches, and Sam (my dear departed blue heeler and cats, respectively) were resurrected!

So, what are You up to today? If You get a chance, stop by for a while!

“…Christ in you, the hope of glory.” 

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