Monday, February 25, 2013


Another star was born yesterday! Hubby and I had the honor of helping to deliver Cupcake’s first calf, a darling heifer. After the birth, Cupcake sniffed her newborn and started bellowing loudly in agitation. I was so scared that Cupcake was going to reject and hurt her, but between bellows, she licked her vigorously, so we held our breath and prayed.

Thank heaven, Cupcake fell so in love with her baby, who we named Dazzle, that she would barely leave her side. In fact, whenever Dazzle lay down to nap, her helicopter mama would moo nervously and lick her briskly to wake her up. Cupcake was obviously afraid that if Dazzle wasn’t moving, something must be terribly wrong. We finally ended up praying that Cupcake would relax and let the poor thing sleep!

Today, Cupcake’s a lot more “chill”, and the barnyard is much quieter. Excitement is still in the air, however, since Bubbles’ calf is getting ready to make its grand entrance shortly!

                                                            Cupcake checking on Dazzle--again!

“From the dazzle of Zion,
 God blazes into view." PSALM 50:2 (MSG)

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