Monday, November 12, 2012

The Migrant

The waters north of us must be freezing over, as we’re suddenly seeing and hearing flock after flock of Canada geese in the sky and fields. I happened to glance up at a V of geese that flew right past me on my walk this morning. When I walk, I’m all business—have to keep my heart rate up, have lots to do when I get back. But this particular sight stopped me in my tracks: the vanguard of the flock wasn’t a Canada goose, but a snow goose!

The geese then flew in a figure-eight, eyeing the hayfield beside a little drain pond. The Canadas decided to stop and take a break here, but the snow goose was on a quest. He left his dark friends behind, headed due south, and rapidly disappeared into the light blue sky. I wonder what his story is, I thought. Lord, help him find his own kind.

I’ve always thought snow geese to be exquisitely beautiful in flight, and we hardly ever get to see them here, so this sighting was a double delight! I don’t have a bird-worthy camera or the skill to use one, so I’ve pasted a photo from Google Images and Cornell’s Their video of snow geese will give you chills!

“God's works are so great, worth a lifetime of study -- endless enjoyment!”  PSALM 111:2



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