Saturday, November 3, 2012

Free At Last

Today was Liberation Day.

We brought the heifers in from pasture a month ago because the lack of rain was beginning to take its toll on the grass. The heffies hung out in the corrals and stuffed themselves with hay all day because there was nothing else to do. Hubby regularly chided them for eating so much and putting on so much weight, but I reminded him that they were, after all, eating for two.

After a great deal of labor on the part of the humans on this outfit (I could write many a paragraph describing just how hard we worked and just how much my back still hurts, but it would sound like whining), the hayfields, stacks of irrigation pipe, windbreaks, and fences are finally cow-ready. But it’s all worth it, just to see our pudgy darlings running and playing to their hearts’ content—and to not have to feed them for a while!

“All of you set free by God, tell the world! Tell how He freed you from oppression.” –PSALM 107:2


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