Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Breach of Security

Scarcely a day goes by that we don’t see deer on our place. Most are mule deer that feed in the hayfields and sleep in the greasewood. Since there’s plenty of alfalfa, we don’t mind sharing with the beauties. Our dog Bodie (a border collie-heeler-catahoula cross) wants to chase the deer, of course, but we only want him to chase the deer that come close to the flower beds and garden. Oddly enough, the white-tailed deer that venture near the house somehow mesmerize Bodie, so he doesn’t appear to even notice them, let alone chase them!

Bodie considers himself something of a coonhound, but he hasn’t chased a single one of those pesky varmints out of the garden because they raid at night while he’s sleeping on his couch in the house. Every year, when I see the coon damage to our sweet corn (despite a 9-wire electric fence), I threaten to move Bodie’s couch out to the garden for the rest of the summer.

There are breeds of dogs that guard sheep and others that watch over families, homes, or businesses. Surely there must be some kind of dog that’s bred to instinctively protect roses and vegetables!

Bodie at work at one of his favorite ranch jobs: guarding the truck!

"Every promise of God proves true; he protects everyone who runs to him for help.” --PROVERBS 30:5

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