Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Good Report

“That calf has a lot of heart,” Hubby remarked the other night, referring to BW’s “try” and determination. BW’s first 24 hours were tough ones for all of us, as his tight tendons wouldn’t allow him to straighten his legs sufficiently to stand, walk, or nurse on his own, but he kept on trying. After we’d stand him up, he’d shake, wobble, and attempt a step on his own until he fell down. (For more details, read “Hallelujah” in the archives.)

We’re proud of Princess too. She’s used to doing the calf-thing on her own, and despite her good disposition, is rather over-protective of her progeny for the first week or so. But she must have understood that BW needed our help. At first, we had to put her in the headcatch of the maternity pen while we strained to hold up her huge, flopping calf to nurse, but by the third feeding, she just stood still while we helped him. Hubby, thinking we might need to use a bottle, even tried milking her—and she didn’t mind—which would be unremarkable if she was a Holstein, but she’s a Black Angus.

BW’s legs get better daily. This morning he put on a spirited, if stiff-legged, display of running and bucking around the rodeo arena—aka the corral. We can’t wait until he’s ready to turn out in the pasture with Gracie. Much fun will be had by the calves as well as their audience!

“God’s blessing on…the young of your livestock, the calves of your herds….” DEUTERONOMY 28:4

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