Monday, March 12, 2012

An Early Spring

Romance is in the air. An early-morning jaunt around our place offers plenty of evidence of an early spring: the Canada geese, sandhill cranes, mallards, and horned larks are pairing up, the redwing blackbirds are singing from the marshes, and the robins and sparrows are fervently serenading their sweethearts. We’re still waiting on the meadowlarks, who either don’t have a Weather Channel ap on their smartphones, or have checked their calendars and decided to play it safe and stay closer to the Equator.

Between high winds, cold, snow, and mud, March in Wyoming can be inhospitable to birds and mammals alike! I generally have little regard for March, although this temperate month has been a delightful exception. Neighbors who are usually talking about moving to a beach about this time are now discussing garden plans—and our last hard frost is at least 2 months away!

I heard this quote a while ago and thought I’d pass it along, as it has proven quite true, fitting, and comforting in just about every situation that tempts me to either fret or feel pessimistic. (If only I was naturally as trusting and optimistic as my feathered friends!)

“The only thing that never changes is God, and He can change anything.”                   -– Joyce Meyer

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