Friday, February 17, 2012

Mug Shots IV

The Crazy Faces have taken great interest in little Amazing Grace. They line up at the fence and moo for her to come closer, but at this point, Gracie’s more interested in visiting me and Hubby. “They’ll make great mamas,” Hubby predicted last night when he saw the heifers standing transfixed as they watched the new calf bounce around the corral. We’ll find out if he’s right in just over a year; in the meantime, please enjoy the last installment of mug shots. (The heifer at the bottom, tag 128, is still awaiting a name. Suggestions may be sent to .)

Cupcake (Fluffy white frosting—my favorite!)
Flame (See the candle?)

Angel (She has a total of 4 angel wings on her face.)


“ Just as water mirrors your face, so your face mirrors your heart.”

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