Monday, January 9, 2012


First there were those eventful mountain treks and expeditions, then there was the Jeep rollover, and now there’s India. I don’t know the name of son Zach’s guardian angel. He’s certainly one brave, big, strong, tough, and agile dude, so I call him Rambo-el.

I don’t know if angels have hair, but if so, then Rambo-el’s got a few gray ones popping up here and there.

I don’t know if angel wings have feathers, but if so, Rambo-el’s missing a few, and there’s some unaccounted-for white ones floating around Jamnagar and Mumbai.

I don’t know if angels qualify for hazardous duty pay, but if so, then Rambo-el’s retirement account is looking better and better.

I don’t know if angel armies award medals for courage and noble deeds, but if so, I gratefully nominate Rambo-el for the next Purple Halo.

For details of Zach’s and Rambo-el’s harrowing adventures, click on the “Passage to India” link.

“I’m sending my Angel ahead of you to guard you in your travels, to lead you to the place that I’ve prepared.”  EXODUS 23:20

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