Friday, January 20, 2012

Crazy Faces

Thankfully, the snowstorm stayed in the Beartooths, so we had dry roads on which to haul the new heifers safely home. We’re keeping the Crazy-Faces in the corral until they settle in and make our acquaintance. They were pretty skittish until I fed them some oats; just like with a horse, the fastest way to a cow’s heart is through her stomach. The funny patterns on these heifers' faces make our straight Angus cows look terribly dignified, even stodgy. We're having fun trying to find names that fit each of the 13 comical faces! (I will post them as we go.)

I used to picture Father God sitting on the throne with His arms crossed and brows furrowed, somber and humorless. I offer the following photos as evidence to the contrary!

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