Saturday, May 27, 2017

Belated Introductions

My apologies to Benny and Scarlett, who were born weeks ago but had their limelight stolen by the new baby goats. 

As exciting (and cute!) as calving and kidding season has been, Hubby and I are relieved that the middle-of-the-night checks and midwife sessions are over for the year. It's beyond wonderful to be able to sleep in pajamas ALL NIGHT LONG. 

Bella is besotted with her first calf, Big Ben, aka Benny. 

We had to name Ziggy's heifer Scarlett,

Benny and Scarlett wrapped up the 2017 season with a red-and-white flourish. Our new bull is a Black Angus, so next year's calf crop probably won't be as colorful.


"You aren't an afterthought or an accident. The Creator of the universe has chosen you, individually, by name, for a great mission He entrusts to no one else." ~Christine Caine

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