Saturday, March 11, 2017

Little Red

After Panda lost her calf (see The Robbed), Hubby milked Panda in hopes that we'd soon find an orphan calf that needed a mama. Ten days later, Hubby found a sad little Red Angus heifer at the sale barn.  

When they met for the first time, we restrained Panda for the Little Red's safety. Panda is easy-going, but it's not natural for cows to adopt another cow's baby.

It took a while for Little Red to stop looking for her real mama, but Hubby and hunger convinced her to try Panda's milk.

The next day, Panda kept an eye on Little Red but didn't really want her close. Sugar and the dogs, however, adopted Little Red right away. (They check on her almost as often as we do.)

We must have let Little Red drink too much of the new milk because Little Red got scours. Electrolytes, probiotics, and prayers worked wonders, though. Her digestive system functioned perfectly today.

After breakfast and playtime, Little Red found a cozy spot to nap.

I was amazed when Panda went over to Little Red and licked her--something that mama cows do to show affection and spiffy up their calves. Panda soon walked away, but it was a start!

Another breakthrough this evening: Panda, albeit reluctantly, allowed Little Red to nurse out in the corral. 

I'll keep you posted on the bonding process!


"Grace is always a surprise. You think it's not going to happen, and it does." ~Stormie Omartian

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