Friday, February 17, 2017

Hurry and Wait

I wrote this a few days ago for a writing challenge. I'm no poet, but it does portray the current state of farm affairs.

Icicles drip from barn roof and
Snowdrifts melt into glaciers and
Only two weeks left and
Pitchfork heaps straw mush and
Tractor pyramids manure and
Spud bar jackhammers ice and
Shovel carves canyons for corral rivers and
Culvert ices clear through and
Puddles freeze gates shut overnight and
Where did I leave that shovel and
Wind and Sun, come and
Sanctify dank nursery ground and
Soon! calving starts in March

But out in the field
Cows waddle heavy to water
One leg at a time
Eating, chewing, napping, growing bigger yet
Waiting easy.



Bubbles and Brownie


"Away, then, all fears. The Kingdom is safe in the King's hands." ~Charles Spurgeon, Morning and Evening

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