Thursday, October 20, 2016

Maxwell and Billy

In contemporary Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat terms, our little Maxwell is a buck. But his orneriness, audacity, and offensive odor are typical billy goat. 

When Hubby was a kid, his dad kept a big black and brown billy goat to protect his sheep. He's not sure whether it was Billy's horned hostility that repelled coyotes--or his stench. 

Hubby says that Billy also came in handy for deterring overly persistent traveling salesmen. When Billy leapt onto and danced upon the tops of their fancy cars, the angry salesmen couldn't leave the farm fast enough. 

Billy liked to bunt the kids unless their dad armed them with a big stick. He kept a respectful distance from Hubby's mom though. He never forgot how ferociously she'd chased him out of her yard that time she'd caught him eating her flowers.

One day, I found Maxwell repeatedly bunting a little sapling. He paid no mind to my attempts to rescue the tree, that is until I dumped a bucket of water on him. (Goats hate to get wet. I think they're afraid they'll dissolve.)

My advice to delivery drivers or traveling salesmen whose work brings you to our place: consider carrying a squirt gun. 

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