Monday, September 26, 2016

Up to Autumn

Sometimes when we need a reprieve from the funny farm, Hubby and I head upcountry for a hike. Yesterday's jaunt was in Tensleep Canyon. 

The vivid blue sky vied with the autumn foliage for attention. Recent rains must have washed the sky of summer's dust and wildfire smoke. 

These thick-stemmed asters aren't as vibrant as their low land cousins (mine are just beginning to bloom), but they boast showy disk flowers. 

It snowed in the high country, so one would think that the creek would be too cold for wading. 

This little leaf stuck on the side of the log reminded me of kindergarten art projects. I can almost smell that white paste. 


The genial sunlight melts on the hills
The breath of the morning white and cold;
By the wayside bend sprays of aster bloom
And the forest turns to russet and gold....
   ~C.B. Galbreath, Autumn Leaves, 1918

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