Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Green Lines Matter

Me, a few miles into our hike: This trail is a lot more strenuous--huff, puff--than my guidebook said it was. 

Hubby: The guy who wrote it--huff, puff--was probably 30 years old. 

Me, a few miles later: When we met that sweet young couple from Germany--huff, puff--back there, she said the trail was a nice up and down. Nothing steep. 

Hubby: They're only 30. They probably--huff, puff--hike the Alps every weekend. 

Me, a few miles later: We need to write a hiking book--huff, puff--for people who aren't 30 anymore. 

Hubby: Look how close together these-huff, puff--topography lines are on the map. Each little green line--huff, puff--means 500 feet in elevation. 

Me: Next time I pick a new trail--huff, puff--I'll pay more attention to the little green lines. 

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