Monday, May 23, 2016

The Little Big Cheese

Saturday was Health and Wellness Day on this outfit. The entire herd was dewormed, all calves were vaccinated, and the little bulls, um, became steers. 

Those of you who've worked cattle know that the process of herding, funneling through gates, and sorting calves from cows takes longer than the actual doctoring--especially when yours truly doesn't properly latch the gate that was keeping the bull out of the way. 

Well, anyway, things proceeded relatively smoothly, thanks in part to the unforeseen assistance of Angel's little calf, Sunny. Although Sunny had no more experience than any of the other calves, she calmly led them (and sometimes the cows too) through gates and into alleyways, corrals, and pens. 

Sunny was one of the first heifers into the chute. After her turn, she repeatedly came back to check on the other patients. I'm not sure whether she was encouraging them or supervising the staff. When it was time for the herd to go back to pasture, Sunny led them out the gate. 

Hubby and I had better watch out. Sunny's smarts and leadership skills are apt to get her promoted to management. 

Sunny checked on Lucy. 

Angel gave Sunny her morning bath. 

Sunny let me know that the mineral feeder needed replenishing. The other day, she informed Hubby that a hose had been left running, making a muddy mess. When he pulled a harrow through her gate today, Sunny appeared just in time to supervise. 

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