Thursday, April 9, 2015


Two hours after Panda was observed resting comfortably, we found her with a dead bull calf. Panda took it hard, and Hubby milked Panda regularly as we searched for an adoptee. 

The next evening, a little Angus heifer in need of a mother arrived by way of a green stork (Hubby's Subaru). I promptly named her Fancy.

Panda was unimpressed with our attempt at consolation and annoyed by the strange heifer that bore no resemblance to her lost calf. 

Whenever it was time for Fancy to nurse, Panda had to be held in a stanchion. The rest of the time, a fence kept them close but Fancy safe. 

Undaunted by Panda's rejection, Fancy continued to "talk" to Panda in her baby-calf voice. I'm adorable. What's not to love, New Mama? she seemed to say. Then she'd race and buck in circles, showing Panda her cutest moves, but she was completely ignored. 

But this morning, Panda surprised us by answering Fancy's moos, licking her shoulder, allowing her to nurse, and even napping beside her. If Hubby and I were young, we'd have been doing cartwheels around that corral. 

"God's Spirit confirms in our spirits that we are His children." ~Romans 8:15 (VOICE)

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