Monday, December 29, 2014

West of Eden

The red cedars growing along our back fence were originally planted in a windbreak along a pasture fence. They made it through their first winter okay, but then a neighboring farmer's weed spray drifted onto our little cedars. 

Son Zach and I rescued the rather sickly survivors, transplanting them to the edge of our yard where the soil is tough but the location safer. They fought hard, and most made it, even after an onslaught of stray cattle (belonging to the same neighbor) tromped and tore their branches that fall. 

We're in the midst of a rather brutal winter, but I'm not worried about my cedars. Trees don't get any tougher than these. Besides, that particular neighbor is now farming in heaven!

"You thrill to God's Word....You're a tree replanted in Eden...." ~Psalm 1:3 (MSG)

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