Monday, October 20, 2014

A Star Shining

One of Rainhorse Equine Services' brightest stars, Daylight, has earned the distinctive Master of Equine Therapy Award. One of Daylight's therapy partners, an adjudicated youth, bestowed the surprise honor at a recent Ranch Day activity. 

Daylight was unavailable for comment, but Rainhorse equine specialist Maria Lisa Eastman provided testimonials from youth who have worked with Daylight. 

"It feels like Daylight understands my life and it feels like she somewhat hurts for what happened to me."

•"I feel like a new person." (Stated immediately following the person's first session with Daylight.)

•"Daylight saved my life."

What's next for Daylight? Well, if I were her agent, I'd suggest a run for the title of Miss Rodeo Wyoming. She's got the looks, brains, and congeniality, and she'd be a shoe-in for the horsemanship competition. Daylight also has a special rodeo-type talent: she can do a remarkable impression of a saddle bronc!

(Photos courtesy of Maria Lisa Eastman)

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