Friday, July 4, 2014

War and Beasts

A stray neighbor bull come to call upon our cows this morning. Not only was this a genetic crisis--we didn't want his DNA in our herd--but it was dangerous. 

Champ didn't take kindly to this trespasser trying to usurp his territory, and the battle was prolonged and ugly. Our cowdog, Bodie, bravely broke up the conflict several times, but while we were trying to enforce a cease-fire by corralling the fence-crashing beast, one or the other bull would throw some punches and resume the fighting.  

Frankly, I was afraid for Champ, as his opponent had a year and 300 pounds on him. Many a bull has crippled another in skirmishes like these! 

When the battle jumped a fence and moved to the canal, we held our breath and prayed. Suddenly, the enemy's back legs bogged down in the wet bank. Champ took advantage of the opportunity to ram him into the canal. 

Said enemy sunk beneath the water. Eventually he resurfaced and taught himself to swim. Back on the bank, he declined Champ's offer to resume hostilities. We re-corralled him, but before we could hook up the stock trailer to haul him home, he heaved himself over two fences and headed there himself. He'd apparently had enough of our hospitality!

              Champ, today's champ. 

"I'm not afraid; who would dare lay a hand on me? God's my strong champion." --Psalm 118:6-7 MSG

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